Eesti Materjalitehnoloogiate Arenduskeskuse AS (Estonian Materials Technologies Competence Centre; MATECC) is a private company founded in 2014. MATECC’s mission is to provide research, development and innovation services in the field of materials technology for both domestic and foreign clients. MATECC performs industry-driven R&D for high growth companies; its project portfolio is wide-focused and well-organized.

  • The center has two primary objectives:
  • To serve companies and society by helping companies move “one step beyond” their existing capabilities, thus reducing the risks associated with innovation to allow faster rate of development. This is done by providing companies support in planning their R&D activities, including support on intellectual property issues and conducting R&D and innovation activities needed for the development and eventual introduction of new products and services by the companies.

  • To transform MATECC into an entity operating largely on a commercial basis, providing services also beyond the year 2022. For 2015-2022, MATECC is applying for financial support from Enterprise Estonia in order to implement technology co-development projects in cooperation with 16 industrial partners and build up capabilities.